Young paper makers move up the ranks in Austria

Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorfer introduces apprenticeship training for teenagers.

The paper mill in Haid bei Ansfelden, Austria, has a rich history. Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorfer has been in operation since 1851. The people that produce the annual 440,000 tonnes of paper are well trained and make sure that a new generation of paper makers moves up the ranks on a regular basis. 

To give young people a chance to get acquainted with the paper mill, it has introduced apprenticeship training for teenagers starting at the age of 15. The programme takes three to four years and prepares for a career as a paper technician, electrical engineer or machine technology employee. Every year four to six young people start in this programme.  

The so-called dual system offers social security and gives teenagers a chance to gain experience in a real work environment. Keeping in mind that the participants are young, the programme also incorporates leisure activities.

The students learn, earn a living and receive a certificate. Talented participants can continue their education with a Master Craftsman Exam, which grants access to courses on a college or university level.