Flat pallets deliver high rewards

Smurfit Kappa in Germany develops the ‘Adconnect Pallet’ helping to significantly reduce customers’ carbon footprint.

Adconnect pallets are delivered to customers as flat sheets of corrugated board coated with innovative glue called ‘Adconnect’.  The flat pallets are quick and easy to assemble, and the innovative glue system means that no tools are required.

One truck of flat Adconnect Pallets can transport the same number of pallets that used to take eight trucks.

The adconnect glue system, developed by Smurfit Kappa Wellit Wellpappenwerk in Delbrück, works similarly to glue on an envelope. It activates when two glue areas are pressed against each other, and once connected the areas become inseparable.

In addition to reduction of transport costs and carbon emissions, customers need far less storage space. The pallets are also ideal for recycling, because they only consist of one material: recyclable board.

Adconnect pallets are another example of how Smurfit Kappa’s innovative processes allow us to continue to develop sustainable packaging solutions.