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Why invest in SKG


Reasons why you should invest in us

1. Leader operating in a growth industry

  • Corrugated packaging market expected to reach approximately USD 317 billion by 2023   
  • Monthly corrugated shipments have consistently risen since 1990
  • Growth driven by: e-commerce, discount retailers and corrugated as a sustainable, renewable, bio-degradable solution

2. An integrated approach delivering superior quality earnings through the cycle

  • Producing both paper and box
  • Maintain control over sustainable sourcing
  • Security of supply in all market conditions

3. Industry leading innovation

  • Increasingly embedded in solving our customers' challenges
  • Smart applications and machine systems expertise – ShelfSmart, SupplySmart, eSmart and Machine Systems 
  • 43 Innovation awards across our operations last year

4. Pioneer in Sustainability

  • Invested over €5 million in our local communities each year     
  • Funding education, health, well-being and the environment in the communities we operate in
  • Helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint

5. Resourcing Growth

  • Priority on increased investment in the business
  • Capitalising on cost reduction projects
  • Agility to flex internal investment against M&A

6. Strong Balance Sheet

  • Disciplined use of capital/acquisitions
  • Significant capability for M&A

7. International Customer Base

  • Diversified customer base – over 64,000 customers worldwide
  • 45,000 employees in approximately 350 production sites across 35 countries
  • Located in 22 countries in Europe, and 13 in the Americas

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