Fresh produce water resistant box

Water-resistant Fresh Produce Cardboard Tray

Smurfit Kappa transforms McCormack Family Farms’ cardboard produce trays with cutting-edge sustainable water-resistant coating

Sustainable Water-resistant Cardboard Box Solution for McCormack Family Farms

Since 1984, the McCormack family has nurtured crops on their cherished ancestral farm with a profound dedication to harmonising age-old farming wisdom with state-of-the-art horticultural innovations, to provide the finest, top-quality greens and herbs to the market.

Driven by the vision of a sustainable solution, McCormack Family Farms contacted our team at Smurfit Kappa Markham Vale after discovering our water-resistant coatings video via LinkedIn, that showcased the remarkable properties of this ingenious solution.

Their goal was crystal clear: to source a water-resistant, eco-friendly alternative to their imported wax-lined cardboard fresh produce produce trays.

This is how we worked with McCormack Family Farms to produce their water resistant produce boxes:

The quest for a sustainable solution

In a market predominantly dependent on imports, Ireland’s leading Herb and Leaf Grower sought an innovative alternative to their current wax-lined produce trays. They wanted to find a local solution that would reduce their carbon footprint (no more imported packaging from Spain) and provide a 100% sustainable alternative to wax-lined and PET coatings that made their current packaging unrecyclable.

Crafting the perfect water-resistant coated produce trays

Smurfit Kappa’s challenge was to engineer a supremely resilient, corrugated cardboard produce tray, capable of withstanding moisture and preserving the tray's contents. Our Markham Vale site were able to achieve this through their pioneering water-resistant coating, flawlessly post-printed to perfection.

The water-resistant coating applied to the fresh produce trays represents a versatile solution, seamlessly blending environmental responsibility with practical functionality. It's not just biodegradable; it also bolsters the packaging's durability, safeguarding the produce within and maintaining its freshness.

Waterproof produce tray 

Moreover, these coatings reduce the need for supplementary packaging materials such as plastic bags or wrappers, promoting an environmentally friendly and efficient approach to packaging produce.

As consumer research indicates, an astonishing 78% of consumers call for businesses to embrace greater environmental accountability (National Retail Federation). With this in mind, the water-resistant cardboard produce tray tailor-made for McCormack Family Farms not only excelled in moisture resistance but also surpassed sustainability standards.

Even with its water-resistant coating, the packaging retained its full recyclability, seamlessly aligning with the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

The outcome: exceeding expectations

Upon receiving and thoroughly testing the samples, McCormack Family Farms wasted no time in reaching a verdict. They promptly placed orders for two lines of these cutting-edge trays. However, the benefits didn't end there. With the adoption of this moisture-resistant packaging, McCormack Family Farms cemented its dedication to sustainability, elevating its brand image and enhancing its reputation.

Water resistant produce packaging 

Moreover, by eliminating the necessity for imports from Spain, the solution has made a substantial contribution to reducing transport costs and decreasing their carbon footprint.

"Our partnership with Smurfit Kappa Markham Vale has revolutionised our packaging approach. Their remarkably robust water-resistant paper packaging solution stands as a testament to innovation that upholds our commitment to sustainability." - McCormack Family Farms.

The future of packaging

The collaboration between Smurfit Kappa Markham Vale and McCormack Family Farms serves as a beacon for other businesses, highlighting that recyclable, water-resistant coatings are achievable for all kinds of coated packaging needs.

The partnership also offers compelling proof that, with the appropriate strategy, businesses can simultaneously ensure product safety, champion sustainability, and elevate their brand image.

Are you ready to revolutionise your fresh produce packaging needs? Get in touch with Smurfit Kappa today and let’s craft the future of sustainable packaging together.

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