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See how our revolutionary new AgroPaper™ replaces plastic used for mulching

The Challenge
Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. The material that farmers currently use for mulching is plastic (Polythene) which causes multiple problems including significant handling costs due to the lengthy manual process and pollution as fragments of plastic are left behind after the harvest.
Our Approach
Smurfit Kappa have developed a revolutionary new paper to replace Polythene. Made from long pine fibers from sustainably managed forests in Northern Spain, AgroPaper™ enables efficient and eco-friendly mulching. It prevents weed growth but does not need to be removed after harvest as it is fully compostable and can be laid with existing machinery.
The Result
AgroPaper™ is fully compostable according to EN13432 with optimal temperature control so that it does not overheat the crop like the polythene. There are lower handling costs as the paper is fully compostable, creating organic material for the benefit of the ground. Our collaboration with a well-know Agricultural Institute (INTIA) allows us to guarantee the performance of AgroPaper™

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