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Protective packaging buffer

Cardboard Edge Protectors and Buffers

Protect your product and the planet by using cardboard corner buffers for your protective packaging needs

What is buffer packaging?

Buffers are a type of corner or edge protective packaging which are developed bespoke to your product, supply chain and sales channel needs. All our buffers are paper-based, available in corrugated cardboard and honeycomb (or in combination), and designed to provide optimal levels of strength and protection to meet any challenges in the supply chain.

  • Corner-Protector

    Corner Protector

  • Edge-Protector

    Cardboard Edge Protector

  • Cardboard Cover Sheet, Cardboard Cover Sheet

    Cover Sheet / Cover Panel

  • Cardboard End Caps

    End Caps

  • Cardboard Reinforcements


  • Packaging Fixtures

    Fixture / Fitments

  • Cardboard Separator, Cardboard Divider

    Cardboard Separator / Divider

  • Cardboard cushioning packaging


Why is now the time to change to paper-based edge protectors and buffers?

Paper-based buffers are a sustainable alternative to EPS and plastic edge protectors. Paper is one of the most sustainable materials available: it’s recyclable, renewable and biodegradable and is subsequently the world’s most collected and actually recycled material.

Sustainability is a driving and undeniable factor in consumers' buying decisions and packaging is a tangible symbol of a company’s wider sustainability agenda. By switching from EPS to cardboard edge protectors, you can improve the customer perception of your brand. Cardboard corner and buffers are a great option for consumers as they can be recycled in the regular kerbside cardboard recycling system.

The right choice for the consumer, the product and the planet!

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Why choose Smurfit Kappa for your corner and edge protective packaging buffers?


From appliances to furniture, or electronics to ceramics, we have a corner and edge buffers solution for you. Whatever the product, the size, the weight or supply chain challenges, we will tailor the protective buffer solution to your exact needs to ensure your product arrives at its destination in pristine condition. 
Paper-based Buffers, Protective packaging, Buffers
Protective packaging, Buffers
We offer a tailored service from initial design to ISTA Testing. Our team of 1000+ designers will work with you to develop a buffer, and using our unique innovation tools, will calculate the required protection to meet your supply chain needs. At our ISTA certified laboratory we then rigorously test your packs’ performance by simulating your supply chain conditions.
Protective packaging, Buffers
A one-stop shop for cardboard edge and corner protectors
We can offer any paper-based material for your protective packaging needs. From corrugated cardboard to honeycomb corner protectors (or a combination of both), printed or plain, large or small, our protective packaging experts will be able to select the optimal material for your product needs. Cardboard protectors can also be integrated inside the box when needed.
Paper-based Buffers, Protective packaging, Buffers

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Cardboard edge and corner protectors

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