Boost sales of health and wellness products with share-worthy packaging

Boost sales & shares: The power of health brand packaging

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People are putting their well-being first more than ever, and with 84% of UK consumers feeling the need to focus more on self-care (MHFA England), this is leading to a big boom in the health and wellness industry. The term ‘health is wealth’ resonates now more than ever, with 44% of consumers agreeing that ‘health properties’ or ‘enhancing benefits’ of a product are important when buying food and drink. What’s more, 17% of consumers are willing to pay more for products offering specific health, diet or added benefits (Food Manufacture). From home test kits to health supplements and functional beverages, people are investing in their health like never before.

In fact, 56% of consumers opt for functional beverages to treat or prevent specific conditions (Well to Do) and 66% are actively trying to improve their health even if they are satisfied with it (FMCG Gurus). With this increasing consumer demand, and a growing amount of competition, healthcare packaging has never been more important as a way to stand out and achieve a competitive advantage.

In this blog post, we explore the importance of health and wellness packaging that not only helps to build consumer confidence in a brand but also provides an experience they’re willing to share time and time again.

Packaging is the prescription for success

Packaging plays a crucial part in the success of brands in any industry, but it’s amplified in the health and wellness sector. This is because there can be risks associated with shopping online and many consumers are initially hesitant to do so, particularly when it comes to products that impact health. Given the prevalence of misinformation and the plethora of health and wellness products in the market, modern consumers seeking such products desire a reliable source to navigate their buying process.

A brand needs to showcase transparency and trustworthiness as a way to boost consumer confidence. If consumers don’t trust a health and wellness brand, they are unlikely to buy from them.

eCommerce health care packaging 

Packaging is a physical representation of a brand's commitment to quality and authenticity, offering reassurance to consumers and reducing concerns about a product. With 51% of consumers preferring detailed product information over summarised versions (Healthline Media), clear and helpful packaging can help health and wellness brands to showcase this information and put consumers at ease. This helps to show authenticity and build consumer trust, making shoppers feel confident in their purchase decisions.

How functional packaging wraps up consumer confidence

With health and wellbeing products - many of which are fragile - functional packaging features are the first line of defence. These features protect products from harm throughout the supply chain and ensure their quality and integrity at all times. Tamper-evident seals play a pivotal role in preventing product tampering during shipping, instilling confidence in consumers that the products they receive are untouched, ensuring quality and authenticity to the consumer.

Also, functional packaging designs enhance the consumer experience, making it easier and more convenient for them to open and use the product, or return if needed. This creates a positive unboxing experience, further reinforcing the brand's focus on consumer satisfaction. By prioritising functional packaging features, it’s possible to protect products, whilst also cultivating trust and loyalty among consumers. Incorporating branding elements onto these boxes can also enhance their visual appeal and add a distinct touch to the entire purchasing journey. Blending packaging functionality with style not only safeguards the product but also enriches consumers’ interactions with a brand, ensuring a memorable experience.

This positive brand experience is vital in today’s modern world, as it can lead to social sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations. With a staggering 74% of consumers motivated to make purchases through social media based on recommendations they trust (Healthline Media), prioritising the enhancement of the consumer experience becomes imperative for business success. By delivering exceptional experiences, brands not only cultivate loyalty but also harness organic recommendations, amplifying their reach and impact in the marketplace.

Glass bottle packaging equi london 

To elevate their unboxing experience, the multi-award-winning health and beauty supplements brand Equi London turned to Smurfit Kappa to revamp their packaging. The new design features strong branding and is fit-for-purpose, providing the ‘WOW’ unboxing experience they were chasing for their customers. Read the full story here.

Packaging storytelling that connects with consumers

Health and wellness brands can use packaging as a means of storytelling, to effectively connect with their audience and build trust in their ethos and ultimately their products. This is important as 88% of consumers who trust a brand will buy again (Deloitte). Storytelling is an effective way to communicate authenticity, transparency, and a dedication to customer well-being.

For example, choosing the right imagery, colours and messaging can help convey a commitment to sustainability or natural ingredients. If this aligns with eco-conscious consumers' values, they’re more likely to make a purchase. Sustainable packaging is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for brands, it’s something that consumers expect as standard. 94% of consumers say it’s a brand’s responsibility to create products that are not harmful to the earth (Deloitte Global), which is why many health and wellness brands opt for recyclable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Packaging boxes for healthcare 

Packaging for beauty industry disruptors Paula’s Choice shows how it’s possible to use environmentally-friendly packaging without compromising on quality and aesthetics for their skincare brand. Take a look here.

Similarly, by sharing the story behind a product, packaging can humanise a brand and build an emotional connection with consumers, further enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Wellbeing packaging box 

MESSIAH and EVE, a multi-award-winning vegan body care brand specialising in elevated fine fragrance body care essentials, is another example of how packaging can be used for storytelling. They approached Smurfit Kappa looking for packaging that would work with their production line while also aligning with their company ethos. Read more here.

Transformative and share-worthy packaging

There’s no denying that creative packaging enhances the consumer experience, offering unique ways for brands to captivate and delight their customers. It’s common for health and wellness brands to be active on social media and many rely on online recommendations, so the quest to stand out through fresh and ‘Instagram-worthy’ packaging has become a vital element for boosting shares and ultimately sales in this digital environment.

With over 25 billion views of videos with “unboxing” in the title (YouTube) and 88% of consumers having been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video (Wyzowl), the significance of packaging that resonates with consumers and prompts social sharing cannot be overstated. Being featured in these all-important unboxing videos and making an impact on social media platforms is a strategic avenue for brands to explore, as it amplifies brand visibility and fosters a sense of connection with the audience. In the digital realm, packaging emerges as a crucial tool for enhancing shares and ultimately driving sales, underscoring its indispensable role in navigating today's competitive landscape in the health and wellness sector.

It's clear that packaging is important for health and wellness brands, and it's not just about getting products from point A to B safely. Packaging is a key part of building consumers’ trust in a brand, solidifying it as a reliable and authentic option. Expertly crafted and bespoke packaging solutions are a powerful marketing tool and a driving force for boosting sales and showing consumers what you stand for.

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