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The future of packaging smart in the automotive sector

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In a world continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency, it's not surprising that protective packaging for automotive components has evolved dramatically.

The automotive industry has long relied on effective packaging solutions to transport sensitive components, machinery, and finished products securely and sustainably. With the sector under increased scrutiny for environmental sustainability and efficiency, eco-friendly automotive packaging has become a central focus.

As a result, smart packaging technologies, including Honeycomb packaging applications, are heralding a new era of automotive supply chain optimisation.

In this blog post, we'll explore what smart packaging is, how it's revolutionising the automotive packaging sector, and why Honeycomb is the material leading the charge.

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging, also known as ‘active and intelligent packaging’ involves the use of advanced materials and technologies to improve various aspects of packaging, such as efficiency, sustainability, and protection.


Whether it's through the integration of IoT sensors to monitor the condition of goods in transit or the use of innovative materials to reduce environmental impact, smart packaging is about much more than just containment—it's about adding value to the entire supply chain.

Smart packaging for automotive supply chain optimisation

Smart packaging in automotive industries plays a critical role in enhancing logistical efficiency and reducing waste throughout the supply chain. Packaging automotive components like motors, engines, car head lights, and airbags are often sensitive and expensive. A minor scratch or dent during transportation can result in significant costs and delays.

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Smart packaging solutions can help minimise these risks by using materials that are both robust and lightweight, offering superior protection without increasing shipping costs.

The role of Honeycomb packaging

One of the most exciting developments in smart packaging materials for the automotive sector is the use of Honeycomb packaging. And when it comes to sustainable automotive packaging, ‘Honeycomb’ is a game-changer. 

Characterised by its unique cellular structure, Honeycomb packaging offers an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it an ideal choice for transporting heavy automotive components without adding unnecessary weight, which lowers shipping costs and reduces carbon footprint.

Honeycomb automotive packaging 

Additional Honeycomb cardboard sheet benefits include the ability to easily customise the solution, enabling the design of intricate shapes and sizes to snugly fit various components, offering unparalleled protection during transit.

Protective packaging with Honeycomb edge protectors

The lightweight yet durable nature of Honeycomb edge protectors makes it a leading choice for protective packaging in the automotive sector.

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Its impressive shock absorption properties are particularly effective for transporting sensitive materials like car lights, which are susceptible to breakage, or automotive electronics, which require a stable environment free from static and vibrations.

Real-world automotive packaging examples

To bring these concepts to life, let's look at some real-world examples:

  • Car Lights: The customised shape of the Honeycomb inserts ensures the lights are securely held in place, reducing the risk of damage during transit.
  • Engine Components: Given their weight and sensitivity, engine components are often challenging to transport. Honeycomb packaging, due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, provides an ideal solution for safely moving these components from manufacturing sites to assembly lines.
  • Airbags: These are sensitive products that demand a secure, cushioned environment, and Honeycomb material has proven effective in reducing the risk of accidental deployments during transit.
  • Trim Components: Often these components sport a sleek, highly polished finish that's prone to scratches. Despite this fragility, these components are usually transported in bulk. The advanced cutting techniques available with Honeycomb, provide specific cut-outs without the need for assembling die-cut corrugated materials, allowing more products to be accommodated within the same footprint, reducing logistics costs and environmental impact.

Driving innovation with ‘Honeycomb’

At Smurfit Kappa, we're driving innovation with Honeycomb through our cutting-edge packaging technology – Hexacomb. With all the benefits and capabilities of Honeycomb packaging offering is engineered to be both light and extraordinarily durable, offering unmatched compression resilience and superb shock absorption.

Protective automotive packaging 

Its cushioning capabilities are fine-tuned to shield even the most fragile or irregularly shaped goods in the automotive supply chain. Due to its adaptable design, Honeycomb can be effortlessly die-cut, assembled, or tailored to fit the contours of any item.

Our Honeycomb sheet comes in a wide variety of configurations—including flat panels, precision-cut boards, corner and edge protectors, support cradles, and wedges—providing unparalleled adaptability.

Even better, it's fully recyclable and sourced from renewable materials, making it a perfect fit for businesses committed to reducing their environmental impact.

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Advantages of this eco-friendly automotive packaging solution include:

  • Customised configurations that reduce waste and increase production efficiency
  • Less damage and shipping claims through enhanced product safety
  • Lightweight materials that result in cost-effective shipping and a smaller carbon footprint
  • User-friendly designs that simplify packaging and loading
  • A superior, recyclable substitute for traditional materials such as expanded polystyrene

Find out more about our game-changing Honeycomb Packaging.

The future of packaging smart

At Smurfit Kappa, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable innovative packaging solutions in the evolving automotive industry.

If you're seeking cutting-edge, smart packaging technologies like our Honeycomb offering tailored to your specific needs and which improves your supply chain efficiencies, get in touch, and explore how we can accelerate your packaging game.

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