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Better Planet Packaging Whale

Let's make packaging for a sustainable world

Smurfit Kappa will use its strength in sustainable materials, packaging design, packaging recycling and industry leading expertise to develop more sustainable packaging.

We will:

  • Create innovative packaging solutions for our customers
  • Design more sustainable packaging alternatives especially in the area of plastic substitution
  • Improve how we design products to enable more recycling
  • Improve the functionality of paper and packaging designs
  • Inspire our customers and employees to understand the role we play in addressing this global issue

Innovate and design

We have already started on this journey.  We are working with customers (and many other stakeholders) to deliver better packaging designs. We are delivering innovative sustainable solutions to customers across the globe including: alternatives to shrink wrap (Nor-Grip), Corrugated punnets to replace plastic punnets, bag in box which uses 60% less plastic, sustainable buffering.  Exciting innovations include Agropaper, a renewable and compostable paper designed to replace plastic for mulching. 

We also need to inspire others and we recently ran our first Design Challenge to help harness the power of our global reach to find sustainable solutions in specific areas.  

Improve Recycling
We continue to improve how we design for and collect packaging waste through our recycling facilities.  We play a role in collecting used packaging and re-use more than 90% of this material in our closed loop business model.  

We will actively engage with our customers and other stakeholders to increase recycling rates further and our goal is to remove all avoidable waste from our production system and limit any sent to landfill.  

Inspire and Collaborate
To achieve success, this initiative will require collaboration to inspire ideas to encourage change. We will look to partner with companies across and beyond the packaging industry as we know the solution needs to be one that takes into consideration many different perspectives and skills.

We have launched “BPP (Better Planet Packaging) starts with ME”  to ensure that as a company we are working toward removing plastics in our daily work life and that our colleagues understand the role we want to play in addressing this global issue.

Setting new standard in packaging solutions
  • Data


    Applying advanced data analytics to deliver solutions built on real insights.
  • Creativity


    Constantly pushing the boundaries of packaging engineering and design.
  • Experience


    Using our wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver real solutions – in tune with your business goals.
  • Science


    Fact-finding testing and benchmarking using science from different industries to ensure the optimum solution.
  • Value


    Always evaluating and delivering solutions that deliver the most positive business impact.