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Water-resistant snap frame packaging box

Sustainable water-resistant solution transforms Brownings’ poster frame backing

Brownings Ltd stands as a prominent figure among trade sign manufacturers and display product creators in the United Kingdom. With a focus on crafting bespoke signage solutions for some of the biggest names in retail, they take pride in their comprehensive in-house production capabilities.

Brownings approached Smurfit Kappa and presented us with a significant challenge. They were in need of an alternative to ‘Correx’ – a widely used but environmentally taxing water-resistant backing, used for their poster frames.

Our team of packaging pros at Smurfit Kappa Markham Vale were able to delve into the brief and create an innovative sustainable water-resistant alternative to Correx that would transform Brownings’ poster frames and put sustainability back in the picture.

Finding a better way

Correx is renowned for its robustness and weather resilience as a corrugated plastic. However, recognising the environmental impact of this single-use plastic, Brownings wanted to break away from tradition with our support, to develop an exciting and sustainable alternative, providing their customers with a greener choice.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't come at the expense of quality, rigidity, or weather resistance – we're proud to have introduced Brownings to an eco-friendly corrugated cardboard alternative to Correx that promises durability and performance without compromising on our planet's well-being.

A fully sustainable solution

The visionary team at our Markham Vale site unleashed their creativity to craft a game-changing water-resistant paper backing for Brownings' poster frames. The outcome? Nothing short of a fully sustainable marvel, outshining even Correx with an unparalleled water-resistant coating. This wasn't just a cardboard backing; it was a revolutionary leap forward.

Poster frames, once susceptible to moisture, now stand fortified with our sustainable water-resistant backing, creating a dynamic partnership that not only shields against the elements but also ensures lasting durability, safeguarding both frame and contents from potential damage.

Measurable impact

By replacing Correx, Brownings is set to eradicate a whopping 29.5 tonnes of single-use plastic from their business. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent weight of 200 donkeys! This move was testament to their commitment to sustainability and an emblem of innovation.

In a significant gesture, Brownings decided to magnify their impact by supporting The Donkey Sanctuary, promising a donation for every sale of their ground-breaking 100% recyclable snap frame.

Their dedication to driving positive change resonates with us, and we're thrilled to join forces in this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and impactful future.

Beyond the product

What truly set this project apart was its ground-breaking post-print production technique—applying the water-resistant coating atop the printed material.

This innovation allowed us to offer Brownings a sustainable alternative to plastic that not only met but exceeded their functional requirements. The tangible advantages for Brownings were crystal clear. They not only gained a recyclable picture frame backing but also a powerful tool to elevate their brand's eco-friendly image and cultivate positive sentiments among their customer base.

The feedback from Brownings resonated with the triumph of this collaboration. Chris Winn from Brownings exclaimed, "Embracing Smurfit Kappa's solution was a game-changer. It not only aligned seamlessly with our sustainability objectives, but the product's durability and quality surpassed all our expectations." 

“By working on this project with Chris and the Team at Brownings we could align both our company’s values on sustainability and the removal of single use plastic. It has been an awesome project especially with Browning’s donating to the Donkey Sanctuary“, comments Mark Robinson from Smurfit Kappa.

The future of packaging

In the dynamic landscape of consumer expectations, recent studies revealed that 81% of consumers demand sustainable packaging (Protega Global). This isn't a passing fancy; it's a seismic shift demanding a radical transformation in manufacturing, sales, and usage practices.

Enter the era of game-changing packaging—water-resistant and sustainable, exemplified by our revolutionary water-resistant paper packaging. This isn't just a trend; it's the dawn of a new gold standard where functionality meets sustainability, promising an exciting future in the world of packaging innovation.

Where innovation meets sustainability

At Smurfit Kappa, we understand the balance between function and sustainability. With our innovative approach to picture frame packaging and water-resistant solutions, we’re not just meeting industry needs – we're anticipating them.

If your brand seeks a partner who can provide sustainable solutions without compromising on quality, it’s time to experience the Smurfit Kappa difference. Reach out today, and let’s craft the future of packaging together.

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