Smurfit Kappa and BiBoViNo partner to promote high-quality Bag-in-Box® wines

Smurfit Kappa and BiBoViNo partner to promote high-quality Bag-in-Box® wines

Smurfit Kappa and BiBoViNo, the first chain of specialised wine shops dedicated to supplying premium wines in Bag-in-Box® packaging, have partnered together to bring high-quality wines to consumers using this innovative packaging solution.

BiBoViNo was founded in 2013 and offers a collection of wines online, with its first store opening in September 2014 in Paris. It now has 10 shops internationally, the latest opening in Tel Aviv, and continues to grow with the aim to reach 50 to 100 locations.The store provides high quality wine in Bag-in-Box®, a packaging solution Smurfit Kappa is an expert in. This is the ideal way to package wine, with benefits including a longer shelf life after opening, easy handling, a lower price per litre and significant environmental advantages - all benefits Smurfit Kappa has been guaranteeing for many years.

The Bag-in-Box® packaging solution reflects changing consumer and social trends and meets the needs of the modern wine drinker, allowing busy people to enjoy one glass at a time, with the guarantee that the quality will not deteriorate over many weeks. This is something that cannot be achieved with wine packaged in a traditional glass bottle.

Only high quality wines can be bought in BiBoViNo shops, which have been selected by expert Bruno Quenioux. The packaging used in this chain of stores has deliberately broken with the traditional world of wine, with a simple design and uniform colour, and the concept has been recently awarded the “Innovation Trophy 2014” in the Franchise category from leading French retail magazine LSA.

Smurfit Kappa, a specialist in Bag-in- Box® technology, has worked with BiBoViNo to achieve this success by supplying the highest quality packaging solutions thanks to its expertise, consumer insights, know-how and high quality products. Recently, the two parties extended their partnership with a new premium packaging solution, Bag-in-Tube®, for its highest quality wines. Produced by Smurfit Kappa Orsenigo in Italy, this product offers the same advantages as Bag-in- Box®, with an even more sophisticated design.  

This successful partnership shows the high potential of the Bag-in- Box® packaging solution for premium wines, and offers producers an innovative way to meet their customers’ needs.