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Solid board sheets

Solid Board - Packaging Board : PE-Coated

PE Coated board is highly resistant to moisture making it ideally suited for fruit and vegetable packaging, where products are packed wet or stored in damp conditions.

A lot of vegetables are not only pressure sensitive, they have to stay fresh and intact even under wet conditions. Due to an extra lamination polyethylene, trays for salad, cucumber, strawberries etc. endure even in automatic wash tunnels. 

What are the properties of this product?

  • Moisture Resistant- Perfect for chilled, frozen and wet end usages.
  • Strong - High strength properties for optimal stackability of your products.
  • Efficient - Optimised handling and space-saving in logistics.
  •  Branding- Through homogeneous and seamless surfaces: perfect for high-quality offset printing
  •  Flexible - Cutting, creasing, grooving, folding… no problem!
  •  Swift - High runnability on processing lines
  •  Recyclable - 100% recyclable
  •  Sustainable - 100 % FSC® certified
  •  Service – included

What are the solutions/success stories of Packaging Board?

MB 12

Packaging technology  proven to protect food  from mineral oils.

A technique to trap mineral oils  and keep food  safe over time. 
Adsorbs mineral oils (MOSH/MOAH) and all other organic compounds that exist within the packaging and those that migrate from the outside environment.

Continues to perform when packaging is folded, perforated or scratched. 
To apply MB12 to your packaging  you don’t need to make any changes to your existing converting processes.

MB12: Your Reputation:

Safe products
Protected aroma
Satisfied customers
Efficient work flows
100 % FSC certified
100% recyclable


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