Single Face Corrugated

Single face corrugated predominately consists of two layers of paper (an outer liner and fluting) and is supplied in rolls or cut to size in various paper types to suit your requirement.

It is mostly used as an inner packaging solution to separate and protect individual products inside the outer packaging. Highly flexible, the single face corrugate can be shaped around products such as drinks bottles, to cushion and protect them from damage.

100% recyclable, singe face corrugate is an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap or polystyrene loose fill and is often used across the manufacturing sector.

In addition to standard single face corrugate, we are also able to offer Food Grade Certified material which can be used for chocolates, confectionery and biscuits to protect the product and add an element of luxury.

What are the features of Single Face Corrugated?

  • Supplied in rolls or cut to size
  • B Flute corrugate
  • Supplied in various widths
  • Ability to print up to 6 colours on the flute or the flat of the corrugate

What are the benefits of Single Face Corrugated?

  • Manufactured using 100% Food Grade Certified Materials
  • Minimises product damage in transit
  • Flexibility to adjust to any product dimensions
  • Minimises the number of packaging formats and styles to handle and store
  • Cost and production efficiencies from using the same packaging for different products
  • Environmentally friendly – made from a renewable source and 100% recyclable


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