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Our stackable boxes for Bohemia resulted in 23% savings

The Challenge
Bohemia apple was looking for a new solution to their existing pack which was manually assembled and was unable to handle humidity, load, handling and transport. The customer required a pack that could withstand 24 hours within relative humidity of 95% and a temperature of 4-10 degrees Celsius that had to perform across the whole supply chain.
Our Approach
Smurfit Kappa developed an automated solution using a tray erector which was much stronger than manual assembly. We redesigned the existing pack including changing the flute orientation to increase stack ability with clever tabs making them safer and easier to stack. Trays were produced in 3 sizes for 3kg, 7kg and 12kg of apples
The Result
The solution delivered savings of €84k and 70% reduction in customer complaints. The new trays are 100% suitable for challenging supply chain conditions as they are solid, durable and fully functional.

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