Smurfit Kappa wins Scanstar award for innovative transport packaging solution

Smurfit Kappa has won first prize at the recently held Scanstar packaging awards for a customised transport solution designed for food company Kavli.

The Scanstar awards are organised by the Scandinavian Packaging Association (SPA), a body incorporating the national packaging organisations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Kavli had a problem when transporting ketchup - the plastic bag holding the product was being punctured by the sharp edges of the tap inside the same box during transport, leading to leakage.

Smurfit Kappa solved the problem with an ingeniously simple solution – a storage corner inside the box that acts as a safe compartment for the tap and protects the bag from damage. The easy to handle, easy-to-stock one-piece solution met Kavli’s needs, putting an end to their issue.

The design was created based on the existing transport box, meaning no disruption to packaging lines, and at the same time saving time and money.

This original design also has a lot of potential to open opportunities for other companies facing similar issues with small parts during transport. 

“It required a lot of thinking and testing to find the right angle,” said the proud winner, packaging designer Ingvar Persson.

Following this win, Smurfit Kappa will be entered in to the Worldstar global packaging competition in 2016.