Smurfit Kappa takes customer service to the next level

Working together with a customer is not only a commercial endeavour. It is about building a mutually beneficial relationship that goes much further than market performance.

For instance the mill division of Smurfit Kappa Venezuela has been very successful in helping its customers improve their own Health and Safety situation. Feedback of South American customers has been excellent. They value the time, effort and expertise Smurfit Kappa Venezuela dedicates to promoting safety and education.

The programme has been underway for almost three years and has become a monthly routine. Safety is an important issue within Smurfit Kappa Venezuela which is demonstrated by the regular safety checks at the work place, monthly safety themes, workshops and transportation safety evaluations.

The Sales and Customer Service Department has extended the Smurfit Kappa philosophy on safety to its customers by offering training and exchanging best practices. Besides developing closer relationships with customers, the main objective of this initiative is to further improve safe working conditions for Smurfit Kappa Venezuela’s customers.

National and local customers value the time, effort and expertise that Smurfit Kappa in Venezuela dedicates to promote safety and education.