Innovation saves material, time and the environment in the USA

At Smurfit Kappa Forney Coated Products, in Texas, USA, things can always be improved, even when it comes to cookies.

Cookie suppliers used to make use of a poly-laminated freezer sheet to produce cookies and ship them to the stores where the actual baking takes place. The cookies would then be transferred to a baking sheet manually. This process took time and additional material, as the freezer sheet is not recyclable and cannot be used for baking.

Forney Coated Products developed a sheet that goes through the entire process. The 'Freeze & Bake' sheet is specifically designed to allow the cookie pucks to be produced, frozen, packed in layers for shipment.  

Once they arrive at the store the sheets are taken directly from the box and placed on a baking plate. The sheet also has excellent grease resistance and the cookies release flawlessly after baking. This process reduced labour, material and improved efficiency at the bakery by 50%.

An estimated 250 tonnes of sheets have been produced in 2013. The 'Freeze & Bake' product is a good example of how innovation leads not only to better customer solutions but also to more sustainable products.