Vegetable Packaging


Helping Turion replace its plastic packaging with a sustainable paper-based solution

The Challenge

Turion, an asparagus grower in Colombia, originally used plastic boxes for their produce. However, the pandemic created cost overruns and delivery delays. Our challenge was to develop a paper-based solution which could resist tough supply chain conditions including exposure to 90% humidity and also act as a display at point of sale.

Vegetable Packaging, Asparagus Packaging
Vegetable Packaging, Asparagus Packaging
The Approach
Using our innovative SupplySmart® methodology, we developed a die-cut-tray solution that consisted of a clamping system, allowing for safe handling of the product and providing stability. To ensure the optimum solution we performed laboratory tests to measure the paper's ability to retain water, its humidity resistance and to identify optimal ventilation systems.
Vegetable Packaging, Asparagus Packaging
The Result
The new 100% sustainable solution improved the efficiency of each truck in the logistics chain by 43%. Thanks to the new graphic design and the use of paper-based packaging, Turion were able to achieve greater visibility at point of sale and make significant savings across the supply chain. With the direct replacement of plastic crates for corrugated cardboard trays we reduced the number of trucks needed by 30%.
Vegetable Packaging, Asparagus Packaging

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