Handy Hands


Fuelling the creativity of 33,000 children each year in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Proudly supporting the 'Handy Hands' project since 2020.   

Our plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia collectively support a project called 'Handy Hands' (Šikovné ručičky) which aims to inspire play and creativity with cardboard. For each different season or holiday, our team of expert designers create a different cardboard activity that children can colour, paint, build and play with. Our creations include cardboard houses, cars, bird-feeders and decoration for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. These are distributed across more than 180 facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia such as kindergartens, schools, libraries and charities, reaching over 33,000 children each year! Their joy is captured in the video below:

Community Involvement in the Czech Republic

Our cardboard creations

Cardboard car
One of the our first creations was a cardboard car which was designed and produced by our Štúrovo plant. The cars were distributed in the summer across Slovakia and the Czech Republic, to children who could sit inside and let their imagination take them where ever they wanted.  
In November, we make Christmas decorations, which are mainly distributed to kindergartens during December. The little ones can colour and paint their own Christmas decorations, supporting creativity and making a keepsake that will be cherished by families.
EASTER decorations
In the Springtime, we try to bring smiles to children's faces with interesting Easter decorations. From cardboard bunnies to cardboard eggs, the children have great fun decorating them.
In the summer, we gave the children a wild boar puzzle. Each child can build a cardboard boar, paint it and then use it at home, for example, as a pencil stand or a trinket holder. The boars in the undergrowth look amazing, don't you think?
Autumn Cardboard Colouring sheets

For the autumn season, we prepare cardboard colouring sheets printed with all things autumnal - kites, fallen leaves and Halloween pumpkins. We also add a simple puzzle "still life by a stump" with a hedgehog and a mushroom.

One summer, we delighted children with the construction of a lighthouse from corrugated cardboard. This fun challenge gave an immense sense of satisfaction upon completion. 
Cardboard Christmas decorations
For the Christmas period, we supply schools across the Czech Republic and Slovakia with sheets of cardboard containing beautiful Christmas cardboard decorations such as fish, trees, snowmen and angels.
Cardboard suitcases
We have also designed and supplied cardboard suitcases as part of the 'Handy Hands' project. The children paint them, decorate them and use them for toys, crayons and school supplies.
Cardboard recycling bins

We also want to help educate children on the importance of recycling,  We have therefore provided schools with paper-based recycling sorters, into which children can add their waste to be recycled into new products.

cardboard gingerbread houses
We have designed and supplied cardboard gingerbread houses for use at summer camps. The children can decorate the houses and be reminded of traditional Czech fairy tales.
Our Open Community Booklet 2023

In our heart-warming 'Our Open Community' booklet, we're proud to share with you just a snapshot of some of the inspiring activities that have taken place in 2023.

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