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Open the future

Open the future

Open the future with the business building power of packaging

Our Story

'Open the future' is our global brand campaign which focuses on delivering customer growth through insight and innovation.

It draws on the company’s global experience across packaging, paper and sustainability to help solve real-world problems, based on deep consumer insights.

This strategy focuses on delivering customer growth through insight and innovation, reflecting the continued battle for brand owners to win that all-important First Moment of Truth, where shoppers choose one brand over another. It delivers the deepest insights programme ever seen in the packaging industry and network of customer experience centres around the world.

Below we demonstrate how customers across the world have worked in partnership with Smurfit Kappa to create innovative solutions which have driven commercial success.

Setting new standard in packaging solutions

  • Data


    Applying advanced data analytics to deliver solutions built on real insights.
  • Creativity


    Constantly pushing the boundaries of packaging engineering and design.
  • Experience


    Using our wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver real solutions – in tune with your business goals.
  • Science


    Fact-finding testing and benchmarking using science from different industries to ensure the optimum solution.
  • Value


    Always evaluating and delivering solutions that deliver the most positive business impact.

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