SoFruPak Punnets


Our sustainable packaging for SoFruPak leads to 50% sales increase & 70% storage space reduction

The Challenge
SoFruPak previously transported strawberries in wood veneer baskets which frequently were stored incorrectly and attracted mildew. In order to solve these issues, we were tasked with designing a sustainable solution to act as both the punnet and transit packaging. 70% less storage is required when using this packaging solution as it can be stored flat rather than nested.
SoFruPak Strawberry Punnets
SoFruPak Ventilation
Our Approach
Smurfit Kappa together with SoFruPak analysed existing issues and utilised their extensive knowledge and expertise in the fruit & vegetable sector to develop a corrugated solution that is both sustainable and integrated. The alignment of the ventilation holes both in the punnet and corrugated tray allows the produce inside to cool quickly and effectively.
SoFruPak Ventilation
The Result
The new integrated solutions of SoFruPak and SoFruBox increased branding space which attracted consumer's attention and led to a 50% increase in sales profit. The ergonomic shape and colourful print attracted the consumers' attention and assisted in making the right choice when buying fruit. Today's plastic reduction requirements and environmental protection means that consumers are increasingly opting for fruit in eco-friendly packaging.

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