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Health & Beauty Packaging

Our Health & Beauty eCommerce packaging range offers ten customisable paper-based solutions

Give your consumers an exceptional unboxing experience while enhancing the sustainable perception of your brand

Introducing our new Health & Beauty portfolio, a range of eCommerce packaging solutions created to ensure product protection, increase productivity and boost your consumer experience.

With the continuing growth of eCommerce, now is the time to future-proof your brand by developing sustainable packaging which guarantees protection. To ensure a safe delivery to the consumer, you can certify your solution with the ISTA 3A standards in our own ISTA certified laboratory in Development Centre in the Netherlands or in Northampton, UK.

With 57% of consumers willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce environmental impact, packaging plays an important role in the sustainable perception of your brand. Paper-based packaging is one of the most sustainable materials available: It’s recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

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Our range of eCommerce packaging for Health & Beauty products

Tamper Evident Pack

The Tamper Evident Pack provides confidence that your products have arrived untouched thanks to the clever locking mechanism. This will provide protection for both shipping and returning items.

  • Returnable option, safe locking mechanism and no use of tape
  • Larger surfaces to communicate brand messages by adding print inside in box
  • Size can be adapted to suit bespoke products
  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource

Vitamins Pack

Our unique Vitamins Pack enables products to be shipped to the consumers’ door and offers a highly convenient and personalised consumer experience.

  • 2 piece solution with added functionality, such as daily dosage
  • Memorable opening experience for the consumer
  • Size can be adapted to suit bespoke products
  • The perfect eCommerce subscription pack
  • 100% paper-based sustainable solution

Rapid Pack Box

The Rapid Pack Box allows a quick assembly, removes the need for any secondary tape and can increase your packing line efficiency. The pack is available in different sizes and can be easily automated

  • Possibility to add 'Peel & Seal' tape for faster sealing 
  • Easy to assembly - using a simple and intuitive crash-lock base 
  • Easy opening strip, no need for a knife or any other tool
  • Can be automated via packing machine
  • Environmentally friendly - made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable

Bag-in-Box Packaging (BIB)

Bag-in-Box Packaging is a safe and efficient way to deliver your liquid products. This BIB solution maximises the parcel space, saving CO2 during transport.

  • Efficient way to ship liquids, such as ready to drink juices/smoothies/shakes
  • Fit to size with minimal voids
  • A compact shape with large branding surfaces
  • A sustainable solution using minimal amount of plastics (bag and tap)
  • Our 3 Litre BIB pack is automatically Amazon certified under the 'Frustration-Free Packaging' program


Scelpac is a clever mono-material pack using a self-sealing paper within a box. The paper simply folds over the contents, holding them securely within the pack.

  • Combines practicality, efficiency and sustainability with high protection in the eCommerce supply chain
  • Eliminates unnecessary packaging such as foam, bubble wrap and other loose fill
  • Tamper evident - contents cannot be reached without tearing the self-sealing paper
  • Paper can be printed to enhance the brand experience
  • Mono-material solution which is paper-based and 100% recyclable.

Hammock Fit Pack

The Hammock Fit Pack uses a unique design where an insert (the Hammock Fit) allows the product to be elevated off the bottom of the box for extra security during transit.

  • Perfect eCommerce solution for a premium and/or fragile item
  • 2 piece solution 
  • Ideal for different shapes and products sizes
  • Excellent and memorable customer unboxing experience
  • Environmentally friendly – uses no mixed materials and easily recycled

Batwing Box

The Batwing Box is a highly efficient solution for a growing eCommerce brand due to its rapid manual assembly in the packing process. 

  • Provides operational efficiencies in the packing process 
  • Can be used for easy returns with the application of dual 'Peel & Seal' tape
  • Extra material on the sides which provide protection from theft
  • Large print surfaces for communicating brand messages
  • FSC® certified paper-based packaging: fully renewable, recyclable, biodegradable

Drawbridge Box

The Drawbridge Box is a versatile packaging option that can hold different beauty products and creates an excellent pleasurable unboxing experience.

  • Double corrugated layers offer extra strength, perfect for fragile goods
  • The unique space has a drawbridge that creates a premium look.
  • Versatile design, it can be tailored to suit a diverse size of products
  • Excellent consumer experience and brand enhancement
  • 100% paper-based sustainable solution

Rollor Fragrance Pack

The Rollor Fragrance Pack is disruptive, unexpected and creates an amazing unboxing experience for your customers.

  • Boost your brand with a fashionable unique and omni-channel pack
  • Single piece solution
  • Excellent consumer experience and increased brand perception 
  • Ideal for different product shapes and sizes
  • 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable

Beauty Sleeves

Beauty Sleeves are an elegant packaging option for smaller items and due to their unique shape, create a premium look and feel over traditional packaging styles.

  • 1 piece flat sheet, easy to assembly
  • 'Peel & Seal' tape can be applied for faster packing and easy returns
  • Curved edges for unique look and brand enhancement
  • A sustainable eCommerce packaging solution as they are FSC® certified, 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource. 

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