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2.03.01 Lightly printed white shavings without glue

Lightly printed white shavings, mainly mechanical pulp-based paper, without glue.

This category normally consists 100% PRE-CONSUMER MATERIAL according to FSC® STD 40.007.

The content of all supplies meet the definitions and the descriptions given in the CEPI EN643 standard.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum effort will be given to prevent the following prohibited paper categories being mixed in the recovered paper supplies:
    • Contaminated recovered paper and board from hospitals
    • Recovered paper and board which have contained chemicals or food products
    • Covering materials such as paper used for covering furniture during repaired and painting work
    • Bales mainly
    • Old archives from libraries, offices etc., if they contain PCBs
  • Assurance of storage and transport conditions which protect against cross contamination i.e. by hazardous substances or bad odor
  • Supplied bales will be labeled with an agreed supplier code, which is typically a 3-digit number sprayed on bales or on a label attached to the trailer side of bale