Smurfit Kappa hits impressive milestone with 4 billionth Vitop tap

Smurfit Kappa hits impressive milestone with 4 billionth Vitop tap

Smurfit Kappa, global provider of innovative Bag-in-Box® packaging solutions, has produced its 4 billionth Vitop® tap.

The Vitop® tap occupies the No. 1 position in the world for wine taps and has revolutionised the Bag-in-Box® system. The Vitop® tap quickly grew in popularity due to its tamper-proof design and high oxygen barrier which provide extended shelf life and product freshness.

Tests on the Vitop® tap have revealed it to have a leak rate of just 1 in 5 million, a key contributor to its industry-leading position. To reach such high standards, each tap is individually tested under rigorous quality control standards. Ease of use has also contributed to its global appeal as it requires little effort to obtain a regular flow rate and is self-closing.

Didier Pontcharraud, CEO of [Smurfit Kappa] Vitop said: “Vitop® stands out for its reliability, service and dynamism. There is only one tap that can claim an almost zero leak rate and thanks to our team working with great expertise, skill and passion, we can offer an excellent product, every day and throughout every part of the world.”

The impressive milestone was reached in its state-of-the-art plant in Alessandria, Italy. Since its invention, Vitop® has successfully branched out to offer a range of complementary products including the Bag-in-Box® connector, Bag-in-Box® handles and Hydrotap, Vitop® Compact.

Smurfit Kappa occupies the leadership position for Bag-in-Box® solutions in Europe.