Smurfit Kappa celebrates International Day of Forests

Smurfit Kappa celebrates International Day of Forests

Smurfit Kappa has today re-committed its pledge on International Day of Forests to its sustainable sourcing policy which ensures that all wood supplied to their virgin paper mills meets the highest sustainability standards.

The company, whose wood comes from managed forests as opposed to primary forest, manages forest holdings in several countries and plants 3.5 million trees annually. Since announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, International Day of Forests aims to raise awareness of the importance of all types of trees and woodland.

The company derives its wood from three types of sources, mature treetops and branches, forestry thinnings and sawmill waste.
“We are constantly looking at new ways to increase our sustainable practices regarding the sourcing of wood”, commented Steven Stoffer, VP Development, Smurfit Kappa Group.

“For example, in Colombia where our largest forest holdings are located, we have worked on improving the pine and eucalyptus species we plant through the selection of high quality trees to create hybrids. In addition, SK Colombia developed a phytosanitary protection programme to keep our plantations healthy and follows the best nursery and silviculture practices allowing greater productivity while minimising the amount of land needed. Indeed, we were recognised by the Colombian Government and last year we also received a prestigious award for “Best Environmental Approach”.

“Our forests provide jobs to approximately 3,000 people, have absorbed between nine and ten  million tonnes of CO2 positively contributing to the local climate and provide a home to over 1,000 flora and fauna species.”

Smurfit Kappa’s forest plantations have received recognition from the two major international forest certification schemes - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™).

Developing  renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging is a key objective of Smurfit Kappa's Better Planet Packaging initiative launched in 2018. Smurfit Kappa's sustainably managed forests are a key source of renewable raw material for sustainable packaging solutions that after use are recycled and contribute to Smurfit Kappa's circular business model.