Artwork delivery | Smurfit Kappa Zedek

Dear customer,

We would like you to review the delivery specifications documented below, or to send them through to the advertising office that prepares your artwork.

The following are a number of important rules, to which your data must conform:

  • PDF version 1.5 (required)

  • CMYK colour distribution + possibly an indication of PMS colours / no RGB (!)

  • Pictures may not be downsampled (minimum 300 dpi)!

  • Fonts must be embedded or converted into outlines!

  • Pictures must be embedded before they are exported to PDF!

  • A separate PDF must be delivered for each page of your document!

  • At least 6 Millimeters of bleed around your layout file!

  • Please clearly advise the exact location and the size of the BBE(Best Before End date) area if applicable. This is to ensure that the right area is varnish free.

To be able to generate a PDF of your data from Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustrator, which guarantees a smooth and correct processing, we ask you to utilise the PDF settings that we use. The following steps must be undertaken by you in advance:

  • Download the file with the name:

  • Double-click on the .zip file to unpack this.

  • Double-click on the .joboptions file (which opens Distiller)

  • Close Acrobat Distiller

  • The new joboption will now be displayed in all CS packets

If you now open your document, embed all pictures in the links menu and then save these as .pdf, then the previously installed PDF settings will be displayed between the PDF presets in the export menu, after which you can export to a PDF 1.5.

The droplet (the link to downloading the droplet, the username is the droplet)

We request that you export a separate PDF for every page in your document, and that you offer these PDFs separately by means of our droplet. Have your login information at hand when doing this. Your login information was sent to you by your contact person at Smurfit Kappa Zedek.

The droplet will immediately provide you with information regarding the quality of your artwork.

Problems regarding the quality of the file will be be approved by sign off.

After successfully uploading, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address available to us.

At Smurfit Kappa Zedek we work according to the ISO 12647-2 standard.

This means that, whenever you deliver proofs, such proofs will be checked by us as to whether they fulfil the standards we require. In case of deviations, you will be requested to provide a new proof that conforms to the ISO standard 12647-2, Paper Type 2. If you are unable to deliver an ISO certified proof, then we will gladly print out such proofs for you and charge you for the costs. An ISO certified proof may not be reduced in size - it must always be printed out 1/1.

The ICC profiles that fulfil our standards can be downloaded from the following link:

If anything is unclear, or in case of questions, our FTP administrators will gladly help you:

Tel:   +31 (0)570-698965