Smurfit Kappas Facture Paper Mill celebrates 90th anniversary

La fábrica de papel de Smurfit Kappa en Facture celebra 90 años

Smurfit Kappa’s Cellulose du Pin Paper Mill in Facture, France is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The mill, which began operating in 1928, quickly established itself as a leading supplier of kraftliner in France and then extended its reach throughout Europe.
The Cellulose du Pin mill produces kraftliner from local maritime pine and recycled fibres and has a strategic location in the heart of the Aquitaine Forest beside a major transport route connecting Madrid, Bordeaux and Paris.

The plant produces 500,000 tonnes of kraft annually. Smurfit Kappa’s paper-based packaging is the packaging of choice for many brands which are seeking a more sustainable, high quality alternative to plastic and it is used widely in both the eCommerce and retail sectors. Kraft paper in particular is a very suitable material for the high-specification digital print used to make brands stand out on the shelf.

Commenting about reaching the milestone, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin, Nicolas Le Feuvre, said: "With 90 years of experience behind us, we look forward to the future with confidence. The ingredients for success are there; on one hand we have a group that strongly supports our development with ongoing investment and on the other hand we have the expertise of our talented employees working together to help us reach the highest European standards.”

The mill will celebrate its 90th anniversary between 15th to 24th June with a range of events planned including an exhibition showcasing how the circular economy is at the heart of its operations and tours of the mill.

The Cellulose du Pin Paper Mill is part of Smurfit Kappa’s worldwide global network managed through an optimised supply chain system.