Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box and Vitop launch new Vitop Handle

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box and Vitop launch new Vitop Handle

Smurfit Kappa and Vitop have launched a new Vitop handle that can be used on a wide range of cardboard boxes a decade after the patented Vitop handles first came to market.

Previously just used on Bag-in-Box® products, these innovative handles are now available for a wider range of cardboard boxes. The clever design of the Vitop handle allows consumers to easily lift even the heaviest packages from shop shelves.

Smurfit Kappa, which is an expert in complete Bag-in-Box® packaging solutions and Vitop (leading producer of Bag-in-Box® taps and connectors), have been working together successfully for many years.

Made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, the Vitop handle is soft and smooth, protecting the hand and fingers even when carrying a heavy box. Thanks to the patented system of special ribs and lugs, the handle remains in the holes of the box, making the handle highly resistant and almost impossible to remove. It is available in either black or white. 

 “The Vitop handle is a very useful addition to our portfolio which maximises package convenience. It has been a great success over the last decade and we expect it to grow even more thanks to its launch within other markets”, says Didier Pontcharraud, General Manager of Vitop.

 The handles can either be inserted manually or automatically by Vitop’s handle insertion machine which is equipped to deal with different formats, sizes and shapes of boxes. The insertion angle can alternate between straight and diagonal by adjusting the head. Easy to use, flexible and efficient, this equipment offers significant working comfort and productivity gains.