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Empaque Bag-in-Box

Bag-in-Box® closures

We offer a wide range of taps and closures for Bag-in-Box packaging.

In addition to our well known Vitop® taps, we offer many other taps options to meet specific requirements related to the product, its market and final use.

Depending on the industry targeted, the product’s density, the type of filling; clean, aseptic or hot, and other dispensing specifications, we provide the perfect solution adapted to your project.

Our range of Bag-in-Box closures

Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, VOP tapón de rosca

VOP Screw Closure

  • For clean or aseptic applications
  • Tamper-proof system for perfect food safety
  • Resealable for intermittent use
  • Also available in blue
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, tapón


  • Clean or Aseptic applications
  • Ideal for emptying the entire contents of the bag
  • Resealable for intermittent use
  • Heat-resistant version available for steam sterilisation
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, CAPE


  • Aseptic with chemical sterilisation or clean
  • Can be opened manually using an opener
  • Resealable for intermittent use
  • Also available in blue or red
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, para líquidos de alto flujo

High Flow

  • Suitable for very high density products
  • High flow rate
  • Tamper-proof system for perfect food safety
  • User-friendly 
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, ABS


  • Chemical or Steam sterilisation
  • Tamper-proof system for perfect food safety
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, tapón aséptico

Aseptic Plug

  • Designed for use in hotels. bars and restaurants
  • Suitable for chemical sterilisation
  • Tamper-proof system
  • Easy to connect
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, NBV

Pouring Cap / NBV

  • Clean or Aseptic applications
  • Tamper-proof system
  • Can be resealed for intermittent use
  • Spout provides precise pouring of contents
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, QCV

Quick Connect Vitop®

  • Specifically designed for soda and wine dispensers
  • Widely used in fast-food chains and restaurants
  • Easy to use and popular on the market
  • Not suitable for aseptic application
Empaque Bag-in-Box cierres, tapón giratorio

Turn Tap

  • Developed for moderately viscous products
  • Good flow rate
  • Tamper-proof system
  • User-friendly

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