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Maquinário Bag-in-Box

Semi-Automatic Web filling machine Vitop

The Semi Web Vitop machine is the perfect tool for medium-sized producers to get started.

The Semi-Automatic Web filling machine has been developed to improve workstation ergonomics and reduce risks of bags tearing when they are handled during filling.

As well as retaining the qualities of the current semi-automatic filling machine, the new filler can used webbed bags. 

An innovative and unique software programme substantially improves filling accuracy – it allows instantaneous correction of more than 99% of repeatability error caused by product flow rate variation.

The dosing valve has also been modified to enable it to close in two steps and reduce flow rate by 80% in the first place.

Quais são as características de Semi-Automatic Web filling machine Vitop?

  • Fills webbed bags from 2 to 10 L, unit bags from 2 to 10L and pouches from 1 to 3 L
  • Suitable for Vitop® Original and Vitop® Compact
  • Control panel allowing adjustment of the different operations and selection of the operating mode (single, web, ...)
  • CIP with cleaning programme for the product, vacuum and nitrogen circuits
  • Optional laminar air flow for filling in ultra clean conditions

Quais são os benefícios de Semi-Automatic Web filling machine Vitop?

  • Accuracy with instantaneous correction during filling of more than 99% of the variations of repeatability
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Flexible: Quick and easy adjustments between Bag-in-Box® and Pouch-Up®
  • Hygienic: Equipped with a cleaning a sanitizing program
  • Conforms to all international legislative health and safety requirements (HACCP)

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