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O que é?

Quality starts with designing the right packaging solution and involves much more than just making a good box. The packaging should function well across the customers full supply chain and the delivered product should be on time, in the right quantity and within the agreed quality specification. 

Nossa abordagem

At Smurfit Kappa we implement quality everywhere. A customer can expect the same quality and service across our complete supply network.  We measure our performance worldwide via our Zoom! customer feedback reporting and follow-up tool ensuring  constant continuous improvement.

Como isso te beneficiará?

The focus of quality is shifting from productivity or delivery times, to the quality of the product and the service we deliver. This includes the whole supply chain from customer order to the physical delivery of the product. Zero defect demands are very common and when we deliver to a customer from multiple sites, the customer can expect that products will be delivered to the exact same specifications and standards from each site. Smurfit Kappa has a standardised approach across the company, and continuously strives to innovate and improve quality.

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