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Sustainable packaging influences purchasing decisions according to new data

A new survey conducted by packaging leader Smurfit Kappa has revealed that product packaging is a key factor for European consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions. The survey, which was conducted across five countries highlights the expectations consumers have for themselves when buying fashion and how sustainability influences those decisions. 

Our new research found that consumers are taking action

  • 40% of European consumers have made the conscious decision to be more sustainable with their fashion purchases. 
  • 26% of European consumers state that their perception on sustainability is often swayed by the packaging used by a brand or retailer.
  • 40% of European consumers said that information or symbols on product packaging is a key source of information about a brand’s sustainability. 
  • 59% of European consumers found that ease of return of item in same packaging as a considerations when purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories. 

Commenting on the survey findings, Arco Berkenbosch, VP Innovation & Development at Smurfit Kappa said: “It is clear from the research conducted that European consumers want fashion brands to act responsibly. Packaging provides tangible and visible evidence of a brand’s commitment to sustainability. It is imperative that brands adapt to the increasing consumer demands on sustainability, or they run the risk of losing customers or damaging their reputation.” 

Sustainable Packaging a key consideration

The research highlighted the top three factors that impact the perception of sustainable packaging for European consumers are as following:

  • The packaging can be recycled - 43%
  • The packaging is made from recycled content - 35% 
  • The packaging is biodegradable - 35%

What do businesses need to do

Sustainability is now a driving and undeniable factor in consumer’s retail decisions. Talk to us today and found out how Smurfit Kappa can support with your sustainable packaging needs.


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About the research 

  • The survey aims to uncover attitudes and behaviours relating to the use of sustainable packaging in fashion e-commerce. 
  • This survey was fielded by a third-party primary research consultancy called TRUE Global Intelligence 
  • This was an online survey of 5,028 European consumers across five markets: France (1,008), Germany (1,002), Italy (1,003), Poland (1,012) and Spain (1,003).
  • Survey took place in July 2021


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