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Case Packers - Top Load

Top load case packers are designed to vertically load products into the top of an open case, tray or wraparound using robotics or pick and place systems.

Using bespoke designed gripper heads, we can meet the exact requirements of your product and packaging format.

Top load case packers are typically used for handling primary packs such as bottles, jars and cans, which do not lend themselves to side loading. 

With a compact footprint design, these packers are ideal for integration into production areas with limited floor space.

Size changes can be manually completed in less than ten minutes without the need to change parts; an optional automatic size change feature can also be added. Furthermore, flat cases can be fed directly from the pallet, avoiding the need for operator replenishment.

Top load case packers are extremely versatile and can be easily adapted to load alternative packaging styles.

Quais são as características de Case Packers - Top Load?

  • Modular design 
  • High and low speed versions available
  • Low level, high capacity case magazine with the option to load directly from the pallet
  • Automatic lubrication system available
  • Full length acrylic safety guards with "walk in" frame
  • Offers all round visibility and access for operators and engineers - no hidden areas

Quais são os benefícios de Case Packers - Top Load?

  • Reduced labour costs through automation of the packing process
  • Increased production efficiencies over manual erection
  • Improvements in operational health and safety – reduced risk of repetitive strain
  • Flexibility of production due to quick and easy size change overs
  • Maximised output due to continuous operation during replenishment of blanks
  • Future proof – can be adapted to suit alternative packaging styles

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