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Вижте как помогнахме на голям производител на велосипеди да увеличи ефективността на веригата си за доставки

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The Challenge
Bike Fun International,one of the leading bike producers in Europe, was achieving strong growth of about 10% per year. In order to keep growing at speed, they knew they had to reduce inefficiencies.
Our Approach
Using our SupplySmart process we scanned their packaging, warehousing and logistics in order to create our solution.
The Result
Our solution significantly reduced the number of different packaging required, from 18 to 7, a decrease of 61%. This helped Bike Fun International double packaging line speed on their premium bike brands -Rock Machine and Superior - and make annual savings of over €70,000.

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    Applying advanced data analytics to deliver solutions built on real insights.
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    Constantly pushing the boundaries of packaging engineering and design.
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    Using our wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver real solutions – in tune with your business goals.
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    Fact-finding testing and benchmarking using science from different industries to ensure the optimum solution.
  • Value

    Always evaluating and delivering solutions that deliver the most positive business impact.

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