Custom clothing packaging boxes for Dryrobe
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Custom clothing packaging box 

Written by Emily Laughton-Hulatt | 10th November 2023

Custom clothing packaging boxes for Dryrobe®

Ever the innovators and always the go-to for brands looking to make waves with their packaging boxes, Smurfit Kappa recently had the pleasure of providing dryrobe® with fabulous fit-for-purpose clothing packaging box for their range of high-performance weatherproof products.

First launched in 2010, dryrobe® is the original weatherproof change robe. At dryrobe®, the mission is to inspire, enable and improve the experience of an active, outdoor lifestyle for everyone.

Smurfit Kappa and dryrobe® first began their box packaging journey in 2021. With dryrobe’s commitment to sustainability, they were after packaging that reflected their environmentally responsible ethos. The original brief was to remove all single-use plastic from their direct-to-consumer operation. Smurfit Kappa took this project on with superb results, receiving high praise from thrilled dryrobe® customers who applauded this planet-friendly approach.

Upping their game with increased efficiency and decreased costs

Fast forward to 2022, with dryrobe® going from strength to strength, experiencing continued and consistent growth. This dynamic company now wanted to explore solutions aimed at achieving greater packaging efficiency and cost reduction. Additionally, dryrobe® wanted to improve the customer unboxing experience, therefore significantly boosting brand awareness and reputation.

Overcoming rising paper and labour cost challenges

In light of the rising paper and labour costs combined with soaring energy prices over the previous 12 months, the dryrobe® team were keen to reduce their spending on their clothing packaging, whether via unit price per box purchased, or operational efficiency savings.

The cardboard box packaging pros from our Barnstaple team located in Devon were tasked with exploring multiple design options with multi-point glued (MPG) functionality, identifying that this specific operational aspect would provide optimal benefits for dryrobe’s particular end goals.

Speedy assembly and a most memorable unboxing experience

The highly skilled Smurfit Kappa team identified a six-point MPG design that saved dryrobe® around £40K per annum by removing secondary paper tape (sealing) and reducing the time needed to assemble the boxes before packing.

Custom clothing packaging box 

We achieved a 24.98 tonnes of carbon reduction as the MPG design used less board. The MPG design also reduced packing time by 30 seconds per box.

The team developed the print to reflect dryrobe’s eye-catching core brand colours, by flood printing the inside of the packaging box black – leaving the outside plain to deliver a superb “WOW moment” upon opening the box. A self-sealing tape and ripper strip were added to the pack, making it easier for customers to open the box.

The addition of tape and ripper strips removed the need to use a knife or a pair of scissors to open the box. This in turn also eliminated the risk of product damage upon opening.

A collaborative approach

Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple pulled out all the stops to collaborate with multiple sites to deliver the most effective clothing packaging solution for dryrobe®.

By using the best packaging for shipping and the innovative MPG functionality for popular eCommerce packaging, Smurfit Kappa has achieved excellent results for the customer. The new packaging boxes ticked the following:

  • Reduced packing time by 30 seconds per pack
  • Removed all use of secondary packing tape
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Delivered a premium opening experience

A word from the happy customer

“Smurfit Kappa’s superior eCommerce packaging for clothing has not only ensured a fuss-free five-star experience for our customers - it’s also helped us achieve our sustainability goals, up our game in terms of customer unboxing experience, boosted our brand and made a big difference to our bottom line,” says Richard Davis, Head of Operations at dryrobe®.

If you’re looking for sustainable packaging, easy-to-use packaging, or custom packaging boxes to give you the extra edge over your competitors, then get in touch today.

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