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Packaging Box Support and Design

We're here to support you on your packaging journey and help meet your goals

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Our team of packaging experts are here to support any business, big and small with their packaging requirement. Whether you are looking to re-brand, start from scratch or adjust existing packaging lines to reduce costs and improve efficiency, Smurfit Kappa Small Business are here to help.

Below are just some of the ways we can help you


Bespoke Packaging Designs

From the artwork printed on your packaging to the look and feel of the box itself, your packaging box design needs to give a positive first impression to your customers. 

It is key that your products have a design which stands out from your competition and highlights them in the best possible light. Packaging box can create the feel of luxury, convenience, or something else entirely.




Your packaging design should be created around your product, and that is why we can help with completely bespoke packaging designs – whether you know what you want or need a helping hand.

Our specialists will get to know your product, your requirements and your packaging goals. They will then come up with unique designs to meet these needs. We’ve made prototypes and 3D visualisation software accessible to all small businesses so you can see real-world examples of your packaging before making a final decision. 

Ideas Creation

Developing an amazing product is just the beginning of a long process to get your ideas in store or online. Perfectly packaging your creations is critical to your success and we have the creativity and industry knowledge to help.

Your packaging needs to have a powerful store presence to stand out from the competition, while also offering ultimate protection and the ability to survive your supply chain.




Our creative teams can come up with unique packaging ideas for your products based on your goals and requirements.

Maybe you want an unforgettable unboxing experience for your consumers? Or, your packaging needs to meet courier specifications while also looking the part? Whatever you need from your product packaging, our expert team will generate some innovative ideas just for you. 


Print & Material Exploration

There are so many options available for packaging today. From Bag-in-Box solutions and tube packaging to corrugated card and paperboard, getting the right materials for your packaging is vital. 

Our team can help explore all your print and material options to find the best solution for your product packaging.




We provide litho, digital and flexo printing depending on your needs as well as various finishes, such as foil blocking, soft touch and matt options.

If sustainability is a top priority for your brand, we will help you choose packaging materials which are eco-friendly. Many of our packaging solutions are 100% recyclable and can be printed and produced with minimal waste.

Competitor & Consumer Analysis

Everything we do is based on data and results. When it comes to your small business packaging box solutions, our team can take an in depth look at your competitors and consumers to create the perfect option for your products.

We can complete competitor on-shelf analysis to understand how your proposed packaging will look compared with other similar products.




This can help us to work out exactly what your packaging needs in order to stand out from the crowds.

When it comes to your designs, we will always produce packaging design which performs best. But we don’t stop there. We use consumer data to support our packaging designs and create a finished product which will meet your goals whatever they may be, whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve recyclability, increase sales or all three.

Packaging Box Optimisation

Improving sustainability, reducing transport costs and increasing speed of packing - we can help optimise your packaging from start to finish.

We not only design packaging products from scratch, but can take your existing packaging and assess how it can be improved, helping it cost less and do more.


Our small business customers benefit from our range of innovative and cutting-edge tools, that offer invaluable insights into their consumers and influence their packaging design. 




What’s more, we can help lower your packaging’s carbon footprint in line with your businesses’ sustainability goals, and reduce the amount of materials used and wasted, as well as transport costs.

We can also help you consider erecting optimisation, where we’ll review your packaging design and how it lends itself to the factory, and whether your design helps or hinders the fastest and most efficient assembly. 

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