Crash Lock Box | Easy and quick assembly crash lock carton for small businesses
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Quick Assembly Crash Lock Boxes

Whether you’ve got a small team or a whole factory full of employees, saving time when it comes to packing your products counts.

Crash lock boxes are super quick and easy to assemble, making them the perfect choice for manual packing. We can help reduce your packing times by supplying high-quality, self-erecting crash lock bottom box for your business. 

With crash lock base box, you can assemble the packaging in one swift action. The base simply folds out and interlocks automatically, creating a sturdy, reliable box for your products in seconds. There is no need for tape or adhesives with crash lock carton boxes, which not only saves on costs, but also on packing time. 

Crash lock boxes from Smurfit Kappa feature innovative creases to offer adjustable heights. This means your quick assembly packaging can be folded to the height you require, helping to cut down on shipping costs and minimise the amount of void fill. 

All our crash lock boxes are produced using 100% recyclable, FSC certified materials, helping you to meet your business’ sustainability goals.

What are the features of Quick Assembly Crash Lock Boxes?

  • Easy assembly to significantly reduce packing time
  • Delivered flat packed for minimal storage space
  • Strong and durable once assembled for ultimate product protection
  • No need for adhesives or tape
  • Adjustable box height with built-in creases
  • 100% recyclable, FSC certified materials
More about crash lock boxes

"Always a pleasure to work with and provide a quick solution that meets the brief. You always deliver premium, fit-for-purpose packaging solutions with excellent print quality. Excellent communication and service are standard."

From Brand Director for Naturediet, Emily Williams.

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Crash Lock Boxes

About quick assembly crash lock boxes

We understand that saving time and reducing costs are crucial to any business, especially when it comes to packing your products. That's why we offer quick assembly crash lock boxes, specially designed for efficient manual packing in the world of e-commerce.

Our crash lock boxes are incredibly easy and fast to assemble. With just one swift action, the base folds out and interlocks automatically, creating a sturdy box for your products within seconds. No tape or adhesives are needed, saving you both material costs and labour time.

What sets our crash lock boxes apart is their innovative creases, allowing for adjustable heights. This means you can fold the packaging to your desired height, reducing shipping costs and minimising the need for void fill.

We're here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to streamline your packaging process and take your business to the next level and help it compete with the bigger brands.


Crash lock cheese box packaging 

Crash lock box packaging 

Crash lock box uses

Upgrade your packaging game with our versatile crash lock boxes which are perfect for a range of industries, including health and beauty, food, and more.

Whether you're a small boutique or a large enterprise, our crash lock boxes offer convenience and security for your products.

Say goodbye to complicated packaging and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Folding crash lock bottom box

Crash lock boxes are ingeniously designed to simplify your packaging process. They come with a nifty feature that allows them to be effortlessly assembled without the need for adhesives or complicated instructions. 

These boxes are not only functional but also environmentally conscious. We believe in sustainable practices, and that's why all our crash lock boxes are crafted using 100% recyclable, FSC certified materials.

By opting for our crash lock boxes, you can proudly contribute to your business' sustainability goals, reducing your environmental footprint and creating a positive impact on our planet.

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