Bespoke printed eCommerce shoe boxes for rare football boots retailer
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Rareboots 4 U eCommerce packaging 

Written by Emily Laughton-Hulatt | 18th July 2023

Social Media-Friendly eCommerce Packaging Solutions

At Smurfit Kappa, we love taking on challenging new packaging projects from our clients. Our team thrives on creativity and innovation, and whenever a customer comes to us with a unique brief for their fashion packaging, our team can’t wait to sink their teeth into it. 

When Rareboots 4 U came to us for their latest boot packaging, our Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple team put their thinking caps on to come up with unique and innovative solutions to their packaging problem. Our Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple branch are specialists when it comes to packaging solutions in Devon and South West England, and they truly made this project their own. The aim for this project was to improve the Rareboots 4 U customer experience and reduce the overall material usage for their footwear packaging.

Who Are Rareboots 4 U?

Based in the UK, Rareboots 4 U specialise in supplying classic football boots from some of the world’s biggest brands. They built their company from the ambitions of two 16-year-old boys who brought the brand to life. Over the years, Rareboots 4 U have sold football boots to sports stars including Rakitic, Rooney, Xavi, Benzema, Morata, Aubameyang, Lacazette and many more.

They don’t just supply football boots to elite professional players, Rareboots 4 U also sell classic boots to the general public through their online store.

Packaging boxes for footwear

In January 2021, Rareboots 4 U got in touch with Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple off the back of our Global fashion label marketing campaign. They were looking for help creating custom shoe boxes for their rare football boot products. The Rareboots 4 U team wanted to emulate the packaging from their favourite sports boot suppliers, but with a customised and unique twist which was personal to their brand. They also wanted to reduce the overall size of the box and enhance their branding using bespoke prints

One of the biggest challenges our team faced was ensuring the packaging was the right dimensions to fit all sizes of sports footwear. They needed one solution which would work for all their football boot packaging boxes, and to achieve this we submitted three different designs for their team to review.

Alongside the Rareboots 4 U team, we trialled and played around with different sizing until we found the perfect option for their products. Sizing wasn’t the only concern with this project, they also needed packaging which was easy and quick to assemble while also delivering a strong visual impact. 

Rareboots 4 U Packaging - eCommerce packaging 

Corrugated cardboard packaging for better Planet

Rareboots 4 U were keen to reduce the amount of packaging used for their products, in a bid to offer a more sustainable option for their customers. Our widely publicised Better Planet Packaging (BPP) initiative aims to reduce packaging waste by creating more sustainable solutions, so we worked hard to use as little packaging as possible when designing and producing their new boot boxes.

Our BPP initiative helps us to re-imagine packaging in a way that is more sustainable, with less of an impact on the environment, reflecting our ongoing drive to be the most sustainable version of our business possible.

The final packaging solution was a classic shoe box, base and lid design, with full folded edges. These folded edges mean that none of the corrugated cardboard is left exposed, which can look untidy. Rareboots 4 U packaging has clean cut lines and simple finishes which do not distract from the bold print design. The final product featured a striking print, showcasing the standout black, red, and white Rareboots 4 U logo.

Packaging Solutions For Social Media

Rareboots 4 U were looking for a fashion packaging solution which could also become part of their social media strategy. Previously, all their products were being delivered in the manufacturers packaging boxes, and they wanted something to deliver their own brand message. 

Rareboots 4 U Packaging - eCommerce packaging 

By using their own bespoke boxes, Rareboots 4 U are seeing their customers share their purchases and products on social media channels. This is helping to increase their overall brand awareness and drive new business.

Social media is integral to improving brand performance and exposure to consumers. Rareboots 4 U were keen to utilise their packaging as a way of increasing brand coverage, and wanted to create a memorable and shareworthy unboxing experience. Their new football packaging boxes has helped improve the customer experience and enhance their online presence through user-generated content. 

The Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple team worked closely with the Rareboots 4 U owner, Cam Sangster, and his team, to create bespoke boot packaging for the brand. The feedback we have had on the new boxes has been very positive, and it is meeting all their requirements perfectly. Cam Sangster said “Working with Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple has been a pleasure. Their team understood our requirements perfectly and delivered packaging which emulates the Rareboots 4 U brand and has helped improve our online presence.”

If you’re looking for bespoke fashion packaging which can help your social media strategy and improve brand awareness, contact our team today using the below contact form.

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