Crash lock box eCommerce packaging for a pet brand Naturediet
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Naturediet Quick Assembly Crash Lock Boxes 

Written by Emily Laughton-Hulatt | 4th October 2022

Helping Pet Brand Naturediet Reduce Costs With Cleverly Designed Packaging

We work with businesses big and small in creating packaging solutions. When Norfolk-based Naturediet approached our Smurfit Kappa site in Lowestoft, Saxon Packaging, looking for help in creating sustainable multi-purpose packaging, the team were delighted to help. Naturediet is renowned for its consistently high standard of premium and sustainable dog products and needed packaging boxes to complement the quality of its pet products.

Packaging small business solutions

All businesses need to cut down on production costs – and time really is money for a small business. We needed to find a solution for Naturediet to help reduce the time it takes to assemble and pack their boxes to cut costs and create a more efficient workforce whilst satisfying their commitment to sustainability.

We understood that nothing less than the highest standard of our 100% recycled quick assembly crash lock packaging, made from sustainable corrugated materials, would be acceptable for these passionate-about-pooches’ people. 

Pet food packaging

Working with Naturediet, we soon realised that the structural considerations for the business’s pet food packaging, and efficiency and practicality, needed to be at the forefront of the design. Our multipurpose design needed to accommodate four variations of a new range of dog treats.

Secondly, the artwork of the outer packaging was to appeal both online and in stores. Small businesses need to be able to compete with bigger brands, and packaging that packs a punch is a smart way for small but ambitious businesses to do just that. 

To cover all the key aspects of the brief, we suggested using a variant of an 0711 FEFCO packaging style box, plus an added locking tab in sustainable E flute material.

Once complete, Naturediet was delighted with the print and finish and, most importantly, that their new and improved packaging solutions were made from sustainable materials that were easy for consumers to recycle using standard curbside recycling schemes. 

Naturediet Quick Assembly Crash Lock Packaging 

Sustainability pet food packaging is the secret to future success

Sustainability is at the heart of both Smurfit Kappa’s and Naturediet’s company ethos. As well as making super nutritious, sustainable dog food, Naturediet is also determined to lower its carbon footprint and help the environment. In 2018, Naturediet became the first British dog food manufacturer to produce wet food in recyclable cartons and provide an alternative to cans, plastic trays, pouches, and single-use packaging.

We sustainably source all our raw materials. What’s more, through our Better Planet Packaging Initiative, we aim to minimise the effect on our environment by delivering dynamic and sustainable packaging solutions for our customers. Sustainability is increasingly becoming part of businesses' ethos, both big and small. We’re here to help clients meet their sustainability goals through making choices that reduce their impact on the environment and that are kinder to the planet. 

Improve your efficiency, lower your costs

There are many benefits of quick assembly packaging for businesses of any size. Ready to pack in one movement, it takes less time to assemble, or more boxes can be assembled in the same amount of time. 

Positive feedback from our two-legged friends

Smurfit Kappa and Naturediet’s working relationship stretches back beyond the current packaging brief. Brand Director for Naturediet, Emily Williams, said “Smurfit Kappa are always a pleasure to work with and provide a quick solution that meets the brief. You always deliver premium, fit-for-purpose packaging solutions with excellent print quality. Excellent communication and service are standard.”

If you’re interested in finding out how Smurfit Kappa can help make your packing and filling processes more efficient through quick assembly packaging, contact us for a quote today.


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