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Cardboard Shipping Boxes Marshall Tufflex 

Written by Emily Laughton-Hulatt | 16th May 2024

Boosting Marshall-Tufflex’s Eco-Friendly Efforts with Recyclable Tape-Free Folding Shipping Boxes

Established in 1942, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cable management solutions, Marshall-Tufflex has three sites around the UK. With their head office near Hastings, their products are supplied to electrical wholesalers and distributors around the country and internationally. Marshall-Tufflex combines innovation and eco-friendly practices in cable management manufacture, offering products that are made utilising recycled PVC-U.

Marshall-Tufflex's mission to transport goods safely and sustainably from A to B is pivotal. With their ambitious Net Zero campaign, they sought packaging that was not only functional and stylish but also proudly recyclable. That's where our packaging experts stepped in, crafting a tailor-made solution that perfectly blends form, function, and environmental responsibility.

Tape-free folding shipping box

Marshall-Tufflex turned to Smurfit Kappa in a bid to remove the plastic tape from their existing folding packaging boxes to bring the packaging in line with their Net Zero efforts and boost their green practices. They initially used solid boards for the primary packs. As the packs are placed tightly into shippers, they had operational concerns that the new packs wouldn’t be strong enough for the outer layer to be removed completely. This meant we needed to prioritise sustainability, but without compromising on strength and stability.

Tape free shipping boxes 

The Marshall-Tufflex team had already begun highlighting recyclability and their environmental credentials as a key part of their offering on their social media platforms. As a responsible brand, it was an important part of their ‘Journey to Net Zero’ campaign and meant that the folding cardboard boxes needed to reflect their ethos and commitment to reducing their impact on the planet.

Aesthetics meets ambition

Our team at Smurfit Kappa Gosport produced custom folding packaging boxes with durability, eco-friendliness and aesthetics in mind. They managed to completely remove the need for plastic tape and a shipper - all without compromising on the protective properties or durability of the boxes.

Cardboard shipping boxes 

Packaging with purpose

With the glue-free, self-seal mailing boxes, we successfully eliminated the need for plastic tape and a shipper. Not only does this help to reduce lead times, but it also means that Marshall-Tufflex is now using 100% FSC-approved recycled materials in their packaging. Removing all plastic from the packaging and the need for shippers means they now use less materials and less packaging overall, helping to increase efficiency and speed up the entire packaging process whilst adhering to their eco-conscious ethos.

Postal shipping boxes 

This boosts Marshall-Tufflex's brand image, demonstrating its commitment to eco-conscious choices and resonating with environmentally-minded customers. Their use of recyclable materials and efforts to minimise waste showcases a brand that takes its responsibilities seriously and genuinely cares for our planet, helping them on their journey to achieve their all-important Net Zero targets.

Ticking the right boxes

The team at Marshall-Tufflex were delighted with the new folding postal boxes - both the way they looked and the improved functionality. In partnership with Marshall-Tufflex, our packaging experts managed to strike the perfect balance between planet-friendly packaging, which supports their commendable Net Zero campaign, and maintaining the durability required to withstand the trials of transit. By collaborating with Marshall-Tufflex, we have contributed to future-proofing their business with a solution that creates better results for a better future.

Folding cardboard shipping boxes 

Ketlyn Silva, Quality and R&D Manager at Marshall-Tufflex said, “We are so pleased with the boxes designed by Smurfit Kappa. They found a way to meet all of our requirements in terms of function and packaging, whilst also making sure all aspects of the boxes are recyclable. We’ll be using the same packaging for more of our range and our customers across the UK and rest of the world will soon start seeing our product arrive in this smart new packaging.”

Pete Brown, Sales Manager at Smurfit Kappa Gosport reflects, “This was a fantastic project to work on from start to finish, it was great to work with a company striving to be more environmental in their practices and make a real commitment with #journey2Netzero. The team at MT were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to more exciting projects with them in the future”.

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