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Semi-Automatic filling machine Vitop

The semi-automatic filling machine Vitop had been designed to fill liquid and semi-liquid products in bags and pouches.

Especially well-suited to medium and Pouch-Up® fillers, the semi-automatic filling machine Vitop offers excellent performances and reliability.

The filler uncaps the tap, air vacuums the bag before filling, fills the bag/pouch with the required quantity of liquid and recaps the tap. Nitrogen in injected at the end of the cycle in order to preserve the contents and clean the valve neck.

Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filling machines are flexible to your needs and can easily be adjusted to fill a wide range of BIB and Pouch-Up® sizes with different Vitop® taps.


Semi-Automatic filling machine Vitop sus características

  • Fills bags from 1 to 20 L and pouches from 1 to 3 L
  • Suitable for Vitop® Original and Vitop® Compact
  • Simple to adjust between sizes
  • Optional laminar air flow for filling in ultra clean conditions

Semi-Automatic filling machine Vitop sus beneficios

  • Improved shelf-life of liquid thanks to revolutionary filling valve that separates vacuum and nitrogen circuits
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Precise electromagnetic flowmeter for filling accuracy
  • Hygienic: Equipped with a cleaning a sanitizing program
  • Conforms to all international legislative health and safety requirements (HACCP)

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