How to Create On-Shelf Disruption with Paper-Tube Packaging
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How to Create On-Shelf Disruption with Paper Tube Packaging

Most brands poor their blood sweat and tears into the creation their products.  Some have incredible back-stories and nearly all of them have captivating product descriptions. Nevertheless, it is the packaging that first catches the consumer’s eye and encourages the consumer to take that pack off the shelf and read the description in the first place.

Whilst consumers are influenced by the look of your products as they appear on the commercial shelves, the retailers will also be influenced by how you present your products to them in the first place. Competition for shelf space is at an all-time high and the retail industry is becoming ever more competitive. Your products need to stand out from all the other brands out there to give you a shot at being selected by buyers. The old cliché that ‘it’s the spirit inside bottle that matters’ still undoubtedly holds true, but the rise of premiumisation has made packaging a key part of the equation. It has quickly become a very selective audition process and challenge to both new and existing brands of all sizes.

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Composite Tube packaging is one sure way to achieve shelf disruption. It offers high quality and luxury standards of print that creates a great platform for brands to stand out. Often complimented with the highest quality decoration techniques our tubes can also feature tactile finishes to help connect with the consumer and grow brand recognition. Composite Tubes can be a feast for the eye and, once held, a rewarding experience for the consumer.

Remember that packaging is the final opportunity for a brand to visually convey its message and appeal to the customer. After investing a lot of time and effort into producing your product, you want to avoid falling at the last hurdle. Along with all the other key challenges to consider, your packaging still needs to be able to capture consumer attention over all other aesthetically pleasing packaging designs.

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