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​As part of our drive to use resources efficiently, we focus on minimizing the amounts of waste generated in our production process.

In all our types of operations, we have optimized our processes.

Virgin paper mills

In the pulping process where wood is ‘cooked’ and transformed into fibers, all by-products that are generated in that process are recovered:

  • Chemicals used in the pulping process are fully recovered and
  • Black liquor, which is the organic part of the ‘leftovers’ after cooking the wood to fibers, becomes a bio-fuel.

Recycled mills

The non-fibrous materials extracted during the recycling pulp process can typically be used as fuel in incinerators to produce energy either in our mills, or externally.

Converting operations  

All waste caused by shavings generated when converting papers to packaging, are recovered and returned to our mills and are reused as recycled fibers.

Recycled fibers

The paper-based packaging products that we produce are for a large part based on recycled fibers.

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