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Palletizers are designed to automate the placing of full cases onto a pallet, increasing productivity whilst decreasing labor costs and manual handling risks. 

We offer a range of palletization systems to suit all applications, including robotic, layer and gantry palletizers for both single and multi-line application.

Robotic palletizers feature easily adjustable tooling, allowing for automated size changes.  They also provide total flexibility to introduce new pallet patterns for existing sizes and new sizes in the future. 

Palletizers can also be integrated with layer card insertion, stretch wrappers, automatic pallet de-nesting, pallet conveyor systems and pallet weighing and labelling systems.

All systems are bespoke and designed to suit the line speed and pallet complexity.  They can be integrated in new or existing lines.


  • Robotic, layer and gantry palletizers available
  • Single and multi-line application
  • Designed to your bespoke requirements
  • Integrated on new or existing lines
  • Inclusion of automated pallet handling and layer card insertion


  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Eliminate duplication and repetitive tasks such as product turning
  • Reduced labor costs from automation of palletization
  • Increased production efficiencies over manual palletization
  • Improvements in operational health & safety – eliminating handling risks