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Hybrid Retail Ready Packaging

Hybrid retail ready packaging is a dual material two piece solution comprising of a solid board base with a corrugated hood that is glued together to make a complete pack.

This packaging combines the supply chain performance of corrugated with the in-store performance of solid board to create the ultimate retail-ready solution.

The strength and stability of the detachable corrugated hood has been designed to eliminate transit damage to ensure the product reaches customers in optimal condition. In contrast, the solid board base provides a high quality print medium to create maximum brand impact at point-of-purchase.

Hybrid retail ready packaging is intuitive, meaning shelf stackers can easily distinguish the solid board base intended for display, from the corrugated hood, which is disposed of and recycled. Opened within five seconds, the design allows for easy replenishment to ensure continuous availability of product in store.  


  • Two-piece box with both pieces glued together
  • Detachable corrugated hood to give the pack strength and stability
  • Solid board tray base can be six color offset printed with varnish
  • Delivered flat ready for machine erect
  • Easy to open – within five seconds
  • Easy to dispose - materials are 100% recyclable   


  • Reduction in transit damage due to strength and stability
  • Increases sales due to eye catching presentation
  • Compliant with retailer requirements
  • Improves product availability in-store due to ease of replenishment
  • Environmentally friendly – uses no mixed materials and easily recycled
  • Reduced storage space and transport costs due to supply chain optimization