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Prism shaped gift box

A unique construction for exclusive gift packaging

The goal was to create a gift pack different from those already on the market. The challenge was to design a new and interesting shape, which at the same time was easy to erect. Lastly, for the design to be a success, it needed to be economically viable.


The journey

Our team started by brainstorming on how to create a design that would set our gift pack apart from the rest. By taking a closer look  at standard gift packs, one thing stood out  - they were all rectangular!  How could we use this as a key differentiator to create a unique product? Finally, we found a shape guaranteed to stand out from the crowd - the triangular prism.

The result

Once we had the perfect shape, the challenge was how to construct it. The solution lay in the newly installed Litho-Laminator at Smurfit Kappa Dyboflex in Vejle (Denmark), where the packaging is produced in three layers of solid black liners. It is a unique construction that turns from a flat sheet to a prism shape.


"We found a shape that stands our from the crowd"       

Michael Nielsen, designer Smurfit Kappa Denmark


The opportunities

The possibilities of the prism shaped gift box are many. It does not take up a lot of space, as it can be assembled on the spot– avoiding  the need for costly storage space. The handling and assembly is extremely user friendly. While the gift box  showcases the use of solid black liners there is also the possibility to add print to the solid black, so you can completely customize your gift pack. Adding to this versatility, the size of the prism packaging can be scaled up or down as needed. And last but certainly not least the gift box is re-usable, with clear benefits for the environment. A truly innovative design!


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