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Packaging innovations

Market leading research, development and innovation resources

We have the knowledge, expertise, resources and facilities to create and test a complex range of packaging designs.

Our approach

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and is dependent on the generation of new ideas, which come through the dedication and the creativity of our people. We have over 700 designers, hundreds of technical staff, engineers and project managers in over 35 countries, with the expertise, experience and passion to create truly inspirational packaging. Read more…

A complete range of innovation tools to optimize packaging performance

Innovation should be based on facts rather than intuition and so we employ a range of unique tools to support us with this.

  • Paper to Box: determines the most suitable composition of papers to meet your packaging needs
  • Pack Expert: determines the exact level of strength required by your packaging
  • InnoBook: a global database of packaging designs, ready to be customized to meet your packaging requirements.

State of the art facilities to help you sell more

From our Development Centre in the Netherlands, we are able to recreate retail and supply chain conditions to ensure your packaging perform at all levels.

  • Paper performance: mechanical and physical characteristics which influence the papers’ behavior in the board and production
  • Board performance: typical board characteristics, including 3 Point Bending (TPB) Edge crush (ECT) and Flat crush (FCT)
  • Single Pack performance: a range of standard industry tests, such as box compression and drop testing, and our own unique tests such as handhold strength, tray torsion and tray tilting.
  • Stack performance: evaluation of the performance at full-size pallet scale through the simulation of storage, warehouse handling and transport conditions
  • Retail performance: simulating a retail environment, designs can be placed on shelf to analyze shelf presence next to competitors before they enter the marketplace.