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Infectious Waste Packaging

Infectious waste packaging allows the safe transportation of potentially hazardous infectious waste products.

Produced to meet strict European laws concerning infectious waste risks in transit, packs are suitable for the disposal of all types of potentially dangerous materials that are classified as infectious waste.

Infectious waste packaging, also known as Sanitainers, comprises of a specially designed corrugated case with a waterproof Polyethylene (PE) bag attached to the case. The strong and robust corrugated case ensures infectious waste remains enclosed and free from damage. The bag is available in capacities of 23 or 50 litres and has been specifically developed to contain dangerous materials hazardous to health.

Each infectious waste pack is printed with relevant hazard warnings and instructions to ensure safe and easy use.


  • Outer case made of strong corrugated cardboard
  • Waterproof Polyethylene (PE) Bag supplied
  • Available in 23 or 50 litre size capacities
  • Hazard warnings and instructions printed on pack
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Delivered flat


  • Peace of mind - 100% safe for the transport of infectious waste
  • Compliant with all European laws on infectious waste
  • Easy to carry and handle
  • User friendly – clear warnings and instructions printed on pack
  • Eliminates any health & safety risks


Please note this product is only available in Europe