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Handle Insertion Machine

The Vitop handle insertion machine is designed to automatically insert handles on Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging.

With a rapid insertion rate of 35 handles per minute, the handle insertion machine is fed by a roll holding upto 3200 handles.  The large handle capacity provides autonomy of two to four hours depending on the pace of the packing lines. To maximise output, handles can be safely replenished whilst the machine is operational.

The machine is flexible to your Bag-in-Box packaging requirements and can insert handles on a wide range of box styles and sizes.  Handles can be inserted at different angles ranging to -45° to 45° relative to the incoming case.  Changing the angle of insertion or the size of the pack is easily modified through the control panel.

The machine is robust and constructed entirely of steel and aluminium. The sophisticated control panel makes programming easy to carry out and monitor. It is fitted with a security system that stops the cycle in the event that the machine is opened or in case of an emergency stop, ensuring user safety.

The handle insertion machine offers significant working comfort and productivity gains, and helps producers improve the appearance and ergonomics of their Bag-in-Box® product.



  • Handle insertion rate of 35 handles per minute

    High loading capacity of 3200 handles

    Angle of handle insertion can range between to -45° to 45°

    Emergency stop buttons with automatic cut off when machine opens

    Sophisticated control panel

  • Benefits

  • Reduced labour costs through automation of the handle insertion process

    Increased production efficiencies due to machine autonomy

    Maximised output as continuous operation during replenishment of handles

    Improvements in operational health & safety – reduced risk of repetitive strain

    Conforms to all international legislative health & safety requirements

  • Markets

A green solution

Bag-in-Box and pouches have a low carbon footprint compared to other types of packaging for liquids.

This type of packaging is lightweight and allows space optimisation for transport and storage.

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