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Our innovation process starts by understanding your market

Innovation is in our genes and challenging the status quo is a fundamental part of our strategy. Our approach to innovation is totally market driven and focused on solving your challenges. Whether through product development, process improvement or optimising your supply-chain efficiency, our innovation process starts by understanding your market.

Knowledge, experience and passion

Our primary goal is to support our customers which come through the dedication and the creativity of our people. Our people are driven, well trained, motivated and have unrivalled packaging expertise which provide the foundation for our innovation.

The science of innovation

Innovation should be based on facts rather than intuition. We therefore have a supporting network of laboratories, facilities and tools to help us create fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions. Our unique tools are based on scientific knowledge of how packaging behaves physically in the supply chain, achieved through analysing over 15 million packages each year.

Looking beyond our products

We look past our products and go one step further to provide our customers with the best data and analysis to make informed decisions on their packaging. For example, do you know?

  • How much force you need to open a box?
  • How much damage you cause by stretching wrapping?
  • How to prevent product damage when vehicles drive around roundabouts?

Our approach to innovation demonstrates how we help our customers save more, sell more, perform better and optimise their packaging solutions